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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Do you feel pressure to buy when the sales person is nice?

I like to consider myself an educated consumer. Before I even go into Sephora, ULTA or MAC I already know what product I'm going to buy and how much it costs. Hell, at that point I've already compared to so many other products. One of the reasons that I do all of this research is because I like to be self sufficient, but also I know what I want and what my budget is and I feel guilty saying no I am not going to buy that when a sales person has been helpful. That was the case on Friday, I went to Sephora looking for specific nail polishes and this nice sales person representing Hourglass cosmetics offered to give me a makeover. Usually I would turn this down but I accepted the offer this time. I've seen the brand but I had never tried it. She was very nice and helpful and gave me some good tips. I wasn't even looking for a new primer or foundation (especially since I had just purchased a new tinted moisturizer). I have to admit that the products she used felt great and light but then the moment of truth happened (as it always does) and I had to check the price. You can imagine my shock at seeing that the make up primer was $55, the foundation was $50 and the taklon brush was $ 52; especially since I was only on planning to purchase a new nail polish. Of course I had the guilt of having to say no after she did a full face of make up. I could not justify spending so much money when I already had similar products at home. Previously I would have probably bought at least one item, but I'm happy to report that I said no and picked up my nail polishes. I will definitely purchase these items in the future, but only when I'm ready. Do you feel pressure to buy or can you say no?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Drugstore Goodies

I was cruising down the make up aisle at my local drugstore and  must admit I was very impressed by what I saw. Drugstore make up has really changed in the last few years. The brand that deserves the award for "Most Improved" would have to be Wet N' Wild. Have you checked out Wet N' Wild lately? Trust me, this is not the same Wet N' Wild that I remember growing up, however they've managed to keep their prices low. The eyeshadows have really blown me away. I recently picked up the Lust palette (6 eyeshadows for $4.99) and have only good news to report. All of the colors are so pigmented and smooth. It proves that you don't have to spend a boatload of money for good products. In addition to Wet N' Wild, I have found a new mascara that I am currently loving. Has anyone tried the new Covergirl Lashblast Fusion? It provides me with everything that I need without all of the clumping. I wasn't a fan of the original Lashblast, however I am really liking this formula. If you follow my blog, you may have seen a similar post comparing MAC and Covergirl lipstains. I definitely preferred the Covergirl version.  Now don't get me wrong, Sephora continues to be my favorite store (and I have the receipts to prove it) however, I have found many gems in my local drugstore. Trust me, some of these drug store items are also highly coveted. Have you seen the new Cremeblush sticks from NYC? You probably haven't because they've been sold out everywhere. I went searching like a crazy madwoman for these blushsticks and I finally found them in stock at ULTA; even though the Limited Edition color I wanted was sold out. And don't get me started on Milani, they are coming out with so many outstanding products. Happy drugstore shopping. I would love to know what you're currently obsessing after?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

LOTD 6/6/10

I had to take passport pictures today so I decided to look like myself but a little bit better. 

EYES: Kat Von D Ludwig Palette 
Tequila on lid
Baroque on crease 
Leather + Lucifer on outer V 
MAC Fluidline gel liner 
Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara 

You Rebel tinted moisturizer 
MAC Hipness blush 

MAC Diva Lipstick 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Do you wear make up to the beach?

I know it sounds silly to wear make up to the beach. I've always been the type of person that would wake up on a Saturday/Sunday morning and decide that it was a beach day. I was too busy preparing my beach stuff to worry about my hair and make up. But of course, if you've ever strolled down Ocean Drive after being in the sand for a few hours, you end up looking chopped while everyone else is dressed to the nines. I guess that's the problem with attending the beach that is known as the beach where the beautiful people go. My morning of decision of not caring about my face or hair would be back to haunt me in the afternoon. I've decided to come up with a casual look for my beach escapades. The goal of this look is for it to be waterproof, but also to use fun colors that are perfect for beach wear. I've included the link to my YouTube tutorial with this look. Hope you enjoy. Do you wear make up when you go the beach? or is that just being too fussy?
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Review: First Aid Beauty Anti-Redness Serum

I suffer from a mild rosacea and have struggled from some redness and bumpy areas on my cheeks. I've 
using this anti-redness serum from First Aid Beauty and I have been pleasantly surprised by it. It doesn't work miracles ( but honestly even the stuff my dermatologist prescribed didn't work miracles either). I've noticed a significant decrease in the redness in my cheeks and I need less make up to cover it up. I've included some pictures. 

Anti-Redness Serum

Prior to application of anti-redness serum. 

After 10 mins of application. It remains red, however the texture is no longer bumpy and irritated. 

After applying a tinted moisturizer. No concealer was used. A more even skin tone 

I've had this serum for a few months already and it has been less expensive than anything I bought at the pharmacy. I focus less on the redness and have been able to wear less foundation and concealer. I will be purchasing this again.