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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Do you wear make up to the beach?

I know it sounds silly to wear make up to the beach. I've always been the type of person that would wake up on a Saturday/Sunday morning and decide that it was a beach day. I was too busy preparing my beach stuff to worry about my hair and make up. But of course, if you've ever strolled down Ocean Drive after being in the sand for a few hours, you end up looking chopped while everyone else is dressed to the nines. I guess that's the problem with attending the beach that is known as the beach where the beautiful people go. My morning of decision of not caring about my face or hair would be back to haunt me in the afternoon. I've decided to come up with a casual look for my beach escapades. The goal of this look is for it to be waterproof, but also to use fun colors that are perfect for beach wear. I've included the link to my YouTube tutorial with this look. Hope you enjoy. Do you wear make up when you go the beach? or is that just being too fussy?
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