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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Do you feel pressure to buy when the sales person is nice?

I like to consider myself an educated consumer. Before I even go into Sephora, ULTA or MAC I already know what product I'm going to buy and how much it costs. Hell, at that point I've already compared to so many other products. One of the reasons that I do all of this research is because I like to be self sufficient, but also I know what I want and what my budget is and I feel guilty saying no I am not going to buy that when a sales person has been helpful. That was the case on Friday, I went to Sephora looking for specific nail polishes and this nice sales person representing Hourglass cosmetics offered to give me a makeover. Usually I would turn this down but I accepted the offer this time. I've seen the brand but I had never tried it. She was very nice and helpful and gave me some good tips. I wasn't even looking for a new primer or foundation (especially since I had just purchased a new tinted moisturizer). I have to admit that the products she used felt great and light but then the moment of truth happened (as it always does) and I had to check the price. You can imagine my shock at seeing that the make up primer was $55, the foundation was $50 and the taklon brush was $ 52; especially since I was only on planning to purchase a new nail polish. Of course I had the guilt of having to say no after she did a full face of make up. I could not justify spending so much money when I already had similar products at home. Previously I would have probably bought at least one item, but I'm happy to report that I said no and picked up my nail polishes. I will definitely purchase these items in the future, but only when I'm ready. Do you feel pressure to buy or can you say no?

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  1. I often feel pressured when I walk into a store. My favorite retail shop is Coach, and I feel like the sales people are vultures going in for a kill as soon as I step inside. I have to preface everything with, "I'm just here to look..." its the same thing everywhere. We could easily give into that pressure, but who's going to pay that credit card bill once it arrives? Not the sales person. We are. Good for you for saying no!