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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Do you become attached to your make up?

I've always known that I tend to become attached to material items. Even as a child I recall being very loyal to my pencil bag, even when I damaged mine and wanted to steal my younger sister's, I just couldn't. Anyways, back to the topic at hand. I like to experiment with different make up brands, but I am very loyal to my first brands. I realized a few days ago that it was time to throw away an eyeshadow kit that I've had for way too long. I attempted to do a purple smokey eye and the shadows were crumbly and chalky. I realized I could no longer use that shadow, but I must admit that I haven't thrown it out yet. Why do I still have it in my make up drawer when I know that I will not be using it? I am a sucker for packaging.  The time had come to say good bye to my smokey eye palette. I don't have the space to keep make up palettes that I do not need. Do you keep make up around because you cannot force yourself to throw it away? I guess the same rule should apply; if you don't use it in X amount of time, throw it away. Here's to making more room in my drawer.                                                                        

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