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Friday, May 21, 2010

Review: BE Classic Glam 5 Piece Collection

Hello everyone, My QVC order is finally in. I used the shades for the first time today. They are easy to blend and you can build the intensity of the product. They shades are satiny but the only color that has glitter is the shadow liner. It was very simple to achieve the look on the box, and if you need additional help there's a guide in the box with instructions of shadow placement. I had been eyeing this kit for a few months at ULTA, but did not feel that it was worth the $34 advertised; however when I saw it on QVC for $23 I knew it had to be mine. 

This is how the product is described on the BE website: "This fashion-forward collection of 100% pure bareMinerals celebrates the eyes with a ravishing glow of vanilla cream and medieval stone, intensified by a deep, twinkling frame of metallic bronzed coal. Your cheeks and lips will glow with berry tones for a truly in vogue look." 

First Impressions= the shadows are fairly small (they are described as extra-small size on the BE website). I do own other BE eyeshadows and they do last a very long time because a little goes a long way. The shadows appeared very glittery and shiny, but once they are applied to the lid, it's  a nice satin color and I don't feel that they are glittery. The shadow liner does have chunks of glitter and I find that it's easier to apply that wet, otherwise you will have fall out of the product on your face. I've heard the BE CEO claim that the eyeshadows will never expire and have to be thrown out because they are made from minerals and there is nothing in them that will change or be altered with time. 
The size of the blush is a little larger than the eyeshadows, however it is still relatively smaller than regular size. The blush is a nice rosy color. 
The lipgloss is very pigmented and shiny. My only complaint about the lipgloss is the smell. It's a "natural" lipgloss but it has a strong plastic scent that does not go away. The smell of this gloss is very different from the Buxom lipgloss. The buxom lipgloss scent is minty and fresh. I don't know how put off I will be in the future by the scent of the gloss. I'll keep you posted. 

Overall= I would recommend this kit to anyone that wants a neutral, professional eye. You can definitely smoke it out and intensify the color for night time. I am happy I finally got this product. 

I will post a make up tutorial using these products in the upcoming days. 

Top Color=Pearl Sateen 
Followed by= Parisian Grey 
Charcoal Lame` Liner
So Fab Blush 
Pomegranate Natural Lipgloss 

comparison between regular size of BE shadows (.02 oz) and the shadows in the kit which is described as extra-small size (no weight was provided) 

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