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Friday, April 23, 2010

Favorite Perfume

Do you have a favorite perfume? I fell in love with this perfume about 3-4 years ago while walking through Saks Fifth Avenue. My husband was wonderful enough to buy it for me for Valentine's a few weeks later. I still have the same bottle because I love and cherish it so much. At the time, Saks Fifth Avenue was the only place that carried this perfume. So in addition to it being sweet and lovely, there was also some exclusivity to having it. During that time, I only smelled this perfume on one other person. About a year ago Nordstroms also began selling it. And just recently Sephora began to carry this perfume. It has officially hit mass markets. I've read so many blogs and watched so many videos by Youtube gurus talking about this perfume. I knew it was only a matter of time that my "secret" perfume would be shared with the world. It really is too good of a scent for it not to be shared and adored by others. I just recently purchased this perfume again (thanks to my Sephora 15% off coupon) and I can resume using it. I had become stingy with the first bottle because I could not live without on my dresser, however it can be a little too pricey to purchase often.

(picture courtesy of Sephora)

What is your holy grail perfume that you cannot live without?

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